Fast Relief Herbal Spray


Anti Aches is a cool relief remedy with healing

properties to assist with muscular and

joint pain by relieving inflammation of

sprains, strains, swelling and bruising

from sports injuries, over worked and

tired muscles.





Equine Anti Aches


Equine Anti Aches is designed for horses, Equine Anti Aches Shin & Joint Spray is designed to assist with reducing inflammation and swelling of shins, splints, joints, tendons, ligaments and general lumps and bumps on the legs, it will also assist with a more rapid recovery to tendons, ligaments, splints and sore shins. It has a near instant cooling effect to help reduce any heat caused by inflammation.


Equine Anti Aches Muscular is designed for an overall use of tense or tight muscles, or can be used as a preventative after a competition or a race to help eliminate sore tired muscles the next day. This product will also assist with rapid healing and in reducing inflammation and swelling without the cooling effect that Equine Anti Aches Shin & Joint Spray contains.